At a Mi Office dot Net, you will be able to send a parcel, print a photo, poster, plan and even a canvass. You’ll have access everything you’ll need to get your business up and running with a website, business cards, name badges and rubber stamps too.

Their range of services is perfectly suited to small business owners, home-based entrepreneurs and those looking for quick, efficient and affordable access to business products and services on demand. Their range of practical solutions for everyday customer needs of document handling, from printing and binding to local and international parcel shipping are all taken care of by well trained, helpful staff who love to serve.

Providing DHL International parcel services, national overnight express countrywide and economy door countrywide services, your packages and documents are shipped within a safe, trusted, reliable and reputable system with online track and trace support.

If it’s printing you need, Mi Office can print almost everything at just about any size, from photos to building plans and has the technology on various platforms to receive your files from most devices.

From day one we chose to operate according to a value system. Virtues such as honesty, integrity in business transactions and transparency in everything we say or do have served us well over the years. Our Service Charter is part of our company culture.

The logic of success dictates that we cannot stop here. In a fast paced world, we must respond immediately to each new demand of our customers, be it trading seven days a week, free Wi-Fi, printing from smart devices or state of the art machinery.

Our priority going forward, therefore, will be to cement our position as the office of the future through product expansion and innovation, useful to businesses and individuals alike.

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